When you’re afraid of mistakes, His hand

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“I’m worried,” he says, “about making mistakes.” At school. I drop to my knees beside his bed. “My teacher talks kinda loud, so when I mess up, I get embarrassed.” And he tells me how it had happened that very day. “I was hum-il-iated.” He stumbles through that big word.

So Mama says, “I remember when you were in first grade and you were havin’ a hard time, and I told you, ‘Whenever you get distracted or need help, Jesus will be standin’ right beside you with His hand on your back.’ Jesus puts His hands on us, and everything we need is in His hands. All the calmness. All the wise-ness. All the peace and help, it comes right into us through His hand.”

Two ears and one heart, they’re all listenin’, and I’m kneelin’ right there on a Dusty the Airplane rug.

“I get embarrassed.” He says it again, shame etching cracks on his face.

“I’m gonna pray for you,” I tell my boy, “and I’m gonna ask Jesus to put His hand on your back or your head every time you feel stressed. I want you to see that picture whenever you’re feelin’ like that.” And we, us two who’re needin’ a Shepherd, we close our eyes, and we pray.

To Friend Jesus, askin’ for His touch with that hand.

Now, you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doin’ or feelin’, know this: that just as our Jesus goes to school with my boy, He goes everywhere with us, too. And when we’re feelin’ ashamed or afraid or upset, He reaches out that hand, and He puts it just there on our backs. And aalllll that ever we shall need is in that great hand, and it passes from Him into us.

You’re not an orphan. You’re not abandoned. You have a Shepherd. You are loved.


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