When you’re in a funk (what’s always there)

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“You are mine. And I am Yours.” I’m planted, backpack on shoulder; orange purse, too, just there on the step. “You have all of Me. Now may I have all of you?”

My face, it’s turned toward sky. Gladly, I offer the ‘yes’ that opens the door, inviting Him in.

Driving, now, through our small town, flowers bloom in boxes ‘longside Main Street. Spring, glorious spring, is here, and I crack the window for a bit just to hear the birds. Pulling onto the highway, I look toward the East. And see the sun, pressing up, pressing out against the clouds.

The sky, it’s full. My thoughts are still with Him, and so I speak it out. “I’ve been in a funk.” That’s what comes. “It’s been cloudy for a few weeks now.”

What a good listener He is, for He doesn’t interrupt. He’s hearing me out.

“When we’re in a funk…” I’m thinking it through as I say it out loud, “we start to feel like You’re holding out. That we’ve been cheated or gypped. We don’t have what we need. Then disappointment comes in; discontentment, too. And the clouds…”

I’m looking again to the east. A rosy glow is pushing, pushing against the clouds. I’m still murmuring, and Father, He’s listening.

“So what if a funk is about trust? What if it’s about not trusting that You know what You’re doing? That your intentions toward us are good? What if it means we’re not believing that You give all we need, that You’ve got it in hand?”

In my heart, in my mind, the weeks-long fog begins to clear. And the peace that comes is the sign. He’s heard me, I’ve heard Him and all is well.

I can’t stop looking at the color that steals from horizon up over clouds. “The sun is always there.” It’s Him. “And it always will be there, doing what it’s supposed to do.” 

I’m nearing the coffee shop. In mind’s eye, I see the clouds of life that tempt me into a funk. But behind those, the sun…the Son.

Yes, behind those burgeoning clouds, the Son is there, ever and always, and He will do what He’s promised to do. It is about trust. It is about faith. For behind the clouds, the Son, He’s shining. Always, forever, and all is well.

Warmly on this bright day,


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