When you’re under His care (care-free)

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I wait. Heart beats sure, throbs steady in the still of the morn, and Jesus, He speaks.


I’m listening; just waiting, for He’s stirring.  God, I sense, is afoot. And the Holy Spirit, grand Teacher, begins.

“You can live care-free. Come. Cast your cares on Me. Then live!”


My mind’s still working, thoughts a-whirling as I’m looking to follow His lead. Care-free.

“You will always have cares. You will, for it’s fallen. This world that you’re in, it’s still fallen. But you have Me, and you have My care. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.”

His care. Care free. So live…

“You aren’t doomed to live, always under your cares. When you cast them on Me, you are meant to live free. Free of worry. Free of fear. Free of care.”

Cares, but free. For we’re under His care, and He’s working on that which concerns us.

Outside my window, the sun has arisen, and beams tangle golden in branches. On a tree limb way up, a bird twitters praise, and I’m thinking on Father, of His care.

Today, I will come. I will carry my cares, and I’ll cast them, each one, onto Him. Then I shall walk beneath His watchful eye, living joy, living bold, living free.

Care free.

In His care today,


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