While you’re waitin’ for answers, wait for Him

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It caught my ear when she said it today, “…while I’m waitin’ for answers.”

Odd, for I’d just been thinkin’ on that very thing. In the morning hour somewhere before dawn, a picture had come. A person, alone. Elbows on knees. Back all hunched over in a waiting room. While somewhere, a physician was cuttin’ on a loved one.

It’s hard, that waitin’.

Once, long ago, I’d been one of The Waiting. In a lobby far away, we’d counted off the hours. For unseen to us, in the sterility of an operating theater, a parent’s chest was crackin’ open. Sick and diseased he was, and so, anxious for healing, he’d made a thoughtful decision and en-trusted his heart into a doctor’s hands.

And meanwhile, we waited.

In a fallen world, there isn’t a-one of us here who doesn’t log time in a waiting room. For there are chest pains that aren’t physical. They’re deeper than that, stabbing far down past sinew and bone. Heart’s sick, and you’re hurting. Waitin’ for answers. Holdin’ your breath for a miracle.

A person, alone. Elbows on knees. Back all hunched over, and somewhere, the Great Physician is cutting…

For the one who is waiting, desperate for good news, this is what I want you to know. If you have entrusted your loved one into the hands of God, then he or she is in the best Surgeon’s hands. Let Him cut.

Just as my family and I would never have dreamt of charging the room where our father lay, snatching the knife from the doctor’s hands, and preventing him from hurting our dad, don’t you, either. His physician knew ex-act-ly, down to the millimeter, what to do. Where to cut. How to suture. How to heal.

We waited in peace ’cause we trusted him. The expert.

You, too. And me. Far more skilled. Far wiser. Far more powerful and kind than the world’s tip-top surgeon is our God. You can trust Him! In the Room of Waiting, that’s your job. Just to trust Him.

“…While I’m waitin’ for answers.” Dear friend. Let me tell you a secret, a truth you should know.That even more than waitin’ for answers, you can redeem these dark hours by waitin’ for Him. It has been in my darkest hours, in the most pain-filled and turbulent nights of my soul that I have found Him the best. Have felt most His love. Have seen the most clearly, His heart and Who He is. Riches found in darkness, in secret places.

It’s been time spent in waiting that I have found God. Or, dear soul, that He has found me.

What a beautiful, fruitful, cleansing, strengthening, productive time, my own blessed Waiting Room. Which, now that I’m lookin’ at it, is my operating room, too. And the Great Physician knows ex-act-ly, down to the millimeter, what to do. Where to cut. How to suture. How to heal.

Turns out, we’re all in His hands. In either room.

Hold on, then, and wait for Him,



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