“Your work has caught my eye”

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Back in the days when I didn’t know I was a writer, I could still tell stories and folks would laugh.  I’d see the funny in normal events, and when I’d recount them to others, the oddest thing would happen – they’d laugh, too.  It takes creativity to do this, and the reason I can tell you I’ve got it is because it didn’t come from me, it came from Him, and so I figure it’s not being proud to mention it because I’ve got that straight in my head.

Anyway.  Havin’ this strange sort of gift makes your daydreams awfully colorful.  And now that I’m a writer, well, I’ve got the craziest hopes and dreams, and some of ’em are so big I’d be embarrassed to say ’em out loud.  It goes without saying (you’d guess this, I know, ’cause you-all are quick like that) that they involve things like publishers and books; stuff like contracts – big ones – and book tours and appearances and things that are just outlandish and crazy.

Standing at the stove the other day, there it went, that goofy imagination.  In my mind, I was reading an email while my hand was stirring what was in the pot, and the message went like this:  “Your work has caught my eye.”  I’m sure you’ll be able to fill in the blanks. “And we are wondering if you could fly to…” and, “We’d like to offer you a…”  And then, unbidden, this:

“Your work has caught My eye.” I may be a dreamer with a good imagination, but I’ve learned to know that Voice when it comes, and I’ve learned to listen up.  That’s all that came that day, and don’t you know it, that sentence has been rolling around in my mind like a piece of popcorn that gets stuck between your teeth and won’t come out.

For some reason, you came to my mind, and I knew as sure as I know my name and my cell phone number that one of you-all needed to hear this:  Your work has caught His eye.  

All the ways that you serve so faithfully, whether it’s mopping a floor or treating a stain; whether it’s tying a shoe or saying a prayer; kissing a cheek or hugging a neck.  Maybe you turned the other cheek and took the high road when you wanted so bad to strike back.  Perhaps it’s just you, smiling with joy and sharing a word.  Every single time that you choose life, choose love, choose joy, He sees your work.

He sees, and He will bless.  There’s not one single thing you do in His name that is overlooked and forgotten.  By others, maybe, but never by Him.  Your reward, dear one, is certain; is sure, and it will be beyond all that you can ask or think.

You’re more faithful than you know.  You’re more blessed than you know.  You’re more loved than you know.  Take comfort today in this, that your work has caught His eye.

All is well.

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