A 10-year-old talks about love

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On Wednesday, Gabe and I went on a “‘benture (adventure).” While Mama spoke to the Kiwanis Club at the Essenhaus, he went to Aunt ‘Risa’s house, tiny tin Bob the Builder lunchbox in hand.

It was when I came back to pick him up that I found this precious note on the basement door. Emily had written it for her parents over the holidays. It was carefully transcribed by Em’s mother who left all spellings intact, adding the translation of the more obscure words in parentheses, and gave her permission for me to share it with you. Here she is in her own words:

“I Love You”

“We say this phrase everyday. Too our parents, siblings and other loved ones. But when you just say it in a grumpy or mean tone, it dose’nt have the sereis (serious) meaning as (with) a cheerful hug and smile. Love is a great thing. It’s not just some la-de-do-da sort of thing. But let’s get back to the point. ‘I love you’ should be used with sincerlyness (sincerity) so with sincerly, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!”

By Emily, age 10

When her mother sent it to me, she added this note: “Rhonda–she also put a note in my Bible recently thanking me for telling her about Jesus and helping her ask Him into her heart. I’ll be keeping that one forever too.”

How precious, knowing that Emily is learning to walk with God, that Jesus is her friend, and that love should be given with sincerity. That’s beautiful.

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