Congratulations, thanks, and a little holiday advice

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Thank you to all of you who celebrated the launching of the new website with me! It was like opening a long string of presents, reading your comments each day. Having stepped out of the blogging world for an extended period of time, it’s exciting to return now.

As promised, I drew names today at random for the giveaway. Congratulations to Kim Chris and Darlene Kemp who will be receiving $25.00 gift cards to my favorite coffee shop in the world, Main Street Roasters. They will be able to order coffee, tea, or other merchandise online from MSR. Enjoy, ladies!

One thing I’ve heard over and over is how much people enjoy my Rhonda in the World stories. Shortly, I’ll be sharing a very special one that took place this week when I went to town to snag a fat turkey, not for Thanksgiving, mind you, but for canning experiment #7. Yes, I’m roasting a turkey to be deboned, tucked into jars in its own bone broth, and then canned. Of all things, while I was at the supermarket, I found myself doing two things I would never have let the Schrocklets do.

Hey. Crazy stuff happens when you’ve got curly hair and an eye for adventure. That’s all I’m gonna tell you for now.

On a different note, I know the holidays kick into high gear next week. In fact, I just finished a phone call with a family member, making plans for Thanksgiving Day. Turkey and pie and dressing and household chores are jockeying for position in my head. All of this as the first turkey is cooling on my stovetop. It’s a great deal of work, but I’m willing to do it.

What I’m not willing to do anymore is to take on pressure to be someone I’m not; i.e., Martha Stewart. Truth is, I can’t be her, much as I admire her skill set. The other truth is this–that she’s not me. I’ve got my own skill set, and I’ll use it, first, for my family and, second, for our guests. It’s freeing to accept who and what I am, to accept what I can and cannot do.

I hope this brings some relief to anyone who labors under the old, horrid weight of perfection and unrealistic expectations. These two giants can be killed with the stone called “acceptance.” Don’t be afraid to use it.


The Curly-Headed, Caffeinated Mother


  1. Thank you first you candid transparency of life. I too allow myself to think I need to be “better” or more MS like. That’s not me either. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I was at the Ladies Christmas Banquet last night in Millersburg. You are a very special lady & you really shared your heart ♥️ & you are a TERRIFIC INSPIRATION as you shared your life & how Jesus was/is such a SUPERB & CONSTANT HELP in guiding us.

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