How to slay phantoms, find joy

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In the light of the morning, there’s heaviness. “God’s in control.”Over and over, I repeat these words. This, I know. This, I believe. This, I proclaim. But along the horizon, storm clouds gather, not seen, perhaps, with these nearsighted eyes, but with spiritual ones. What if trouble comes?

What if trouble does come in the form of an economic collapse? Of the loss of religious freedoms–or worse? What if suffering comes as evil proliferates? Lord, I can take it, but what about my kids?

Like a saber cutting through to bone, truth speaks. “‘What if’s’ must bow the knee.” 

Of course. Of course! The “what if’s” have no power; none at all. No power to determine my course. No power to control the future. None. The only power they have, those horrid phantoms, is to steal my joy and, thus, my strength.

The “what if’s” must, indeed, bow the knee, and they’re overcome with praise. And so, the counting continues, me lifting sword, slaying dragons with thanks. And it looks like this:

And now, you. Your turn to lift sword, slaying phantoms, counting blessings. Your turn to fight for joy, to find strength. Starting here…

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