Merry Christmas – glory awaits

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Every year, we carefully deliberate about which two movies we want to watch on Christmas Eve (or New Year’s Eve, whenever it suits to have our party). This year, the choices are UP! and Four Christmases.

In what is now the fourth or fifth year running, we will be enjoying a Subway platter. It started out as a 3-foot-long sub, and then we discovered it was cheaper and you got more if you purchased a platter. So a platter of subs it is.

Of course, jammies are mandatory, as are plenty of Christmas goodies and snacks. We watch one movie together while we eat, and then the boys get to take down their stockings. Even the 20-year-old YA still enjoys this part of the evening. (I mean, really – what are those lumps in my sock anyway??)

Then we fire up the DVD player for our second go-round, along with the accompanying snacks and hot drinks. Oh, it is delightful, and I notice that I look forward to this little family time as much or more than anything else at Christmas time.

What’s especially delightful this year is that Little Gabey is now understanding the concept of presents. Oddly, one of his is partially ripped open already. Hmmmm. This is a mystery that we don’t need Sherlock to solve; that’s what I’m thinking.

This morning when he awoke, the presents were wrapped and under the tree. So excited was he that he could hardly eat his breakfast. In the picture below, you will see that he has them carefully arranged around himself as he eats. So much fun!!

This Christmas is very simple and quiet for us. Work has been down, we’re not traveling to Kansas this year, and the Schrock kablooie is already history. So, we are having a simple celebration this year. And that’s alright.

Jesus, whom this grand and glorious story is really all about, is becoming more precious to me with each passing day. I am learning to love His voice. I am learning to find security in Him and in the Father. And so while Christmas this year is simple, it has been a time of extravagance and lavishness in terms of the heavenly blessings that He is showering down.

In the lights, I see the true Light of the World. In the greens, I’m reminded of the life, and that abundant, that He came to give. In the songs, I feel the joy and the wonder of the outrageous plan that was purposed for the redemption of fallen man.

Through it all runs a thread of hope that this life down here is not all there is. The darkness and the pain and the suffering we face can never extinguish the light and erase the final chapter that will one day be fulfilled. This is only temporary. Oh, my friends – glory awaits! Think on this. Drink it in. Revel in it and let it sink down into the very marrow of your bones.

It’s Christmas time! Joy, joy, the Lord has come!

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