What a trip like that can do, Part Two

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It was a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer that impacted his life.  He’d loved the country, loved the people, loved living on the edge and having new experiences that made his mother cry, “It’s good I didn’t know!”

Mr. Energy, He Who Jumps From Cliffs Into Small Pools Far Below, is home.  He still talks about the country and the people – a lot, plotting and planning, looking for ways to go back and visit the place he fell in love with.

If you didn’t catch the first half of the letter he wrote to his supporters when he returned, click here.  Today, I share the second and final installment.  Here he is, now, in his own words: “While we were there we focused mainly on the spiritual needs instead of the physical needs, which weren’t as many as we really thought there would be. For six out of the ten days we spent large amounts of our time doing VBS. We split up into three different groups and went to three different churches; Guanabano, Oyo Grande, and Naranjel. My group went to Oyo Grande, the second biggest church. One day Ramiro, a man who helps at the church, took us down to a river that flowed down from the mountains. Us and the Dominicans then started jumping off of a 20-25 foot cliff into the river. It was an experience! We also, as an entire group, helped bring three people to Christ. We also prayed over a man who was sick and needed a blood transfusion. His family tried asking us, since they think we are all rich,  for $600 to send some of his blood to the states to be tested. Knowing we probably didn’t have that much, we prayed over him instead and he was healed! He was one of the people we led to Christ. Towards the end of our trip, we spent about two and a half days at a resort in the mountains to debrief. It was so we could better learn how to take what we had learned home with us. We then drove up further into the mountains and went swimming in a river with a waterfall. We swam under the waterfall and jumped off a 25-30 foot cliff right beside it. It was awesome! It was a nice ending to our trip. I hope that you now have an idea of what our trip was like and what you contributed to. Once again, do not hesitate to ask me more about my trip. There is much that has been left unsaid. Thank you again for your generosity and prayers. May God bless you ten times the amount that you have blessed me. Appreciatively,  Jamison

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