Dear Madam Speaker, I’ll meet you for prayer

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Dear Madam Speaker,


It was something you said that caught my ear, “I pray for the president all the time.” And the second thing was this:  you told us that you were “prayerful” as you moved forward with the impeachment of this president, Donald J. Trump.

As a middle-class, “God-and-guns” voter with no college degree, there’s a lot that I don’t know. But here in flyover country, there are a few, simple things that I do know, and perhaps the biggest one is this–that there is a God.

Yes, I know that there is a God, and that He is big. He’s bigger than you and I, Madam Speaker, far bigger than all of the most powerful and the smartest folks who have ever lived, and I know that He won’t be mocked. I know He’s holy.

The second great thing that I know about God is that He is Love. I know it, for I have experienced this perfect love for myself. It is the wild, vast, and mighty love of God that has healed me and set me free from all my fears. It is this love that has filled my heart ’til it’s just running over. That’s why I can speak to anybody anywhere (including atheists, gays, drunks, lesbians, transgenders, and folks who hate what I stand for) and just splash Love all over ’em. (If you knew from whence I came, you would know what a miracle this is, but I digress.)

The third great thing I know is that there’s power in prayer. As the mother of four boys, I have learned that the hand of God will move on behalf of my sons when I pray. I have God’s ear because God Himself has mine.


Madam Speaker, we are both mothers, you and I. Mothers who are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth, our beloved United States of America. You have five big reasons (and I have four) to want this nation to be the best, strongest, and freest nation that it can be; to be that shining city upon a hill, a beacon of hope in the world.

Mrs. Pelosi, I’m offering today to meet you anywhere at any time, and together we will pray for America. I will even pray for you, Madam Speaker. I’ll take your hands, if you’ll let me, and I will bow my head and petition the God of Heaven for all the mercy and grace and hunger for righteousness of which you are in need, for I am in need of it, too.

Then together, we will lift our voices on behalf of not only our president, but for every leader, for every citizen, and for the heart and soul of these divided states. We’ll ask God to bring healing and soul-freedom to all and to make us, once more, the United States of America.

It sounds like a fool’s errand, like I’m tilting at windmills. I know that. But I know in my heart that I must offer it. I must call, not only you, but this nation to prayer.

Won’t you come? Won’t you meet me? I am willing.


Rhonda Schrock (who is just one small, caffeinated American mom)

…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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