“We need encouragement”

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None of the women from the White House dwelt long or in detail about what they face as presidential staff, but it wasn’t hard to see the toll the political climate has taken on them. As an American and as a Christian, it pains me greatly.

I remember cringing when folks who share my umbrella would revile President Obama. With words of great disrespect and revulsion, they would malign him in the public square, in between posts about their love for God.

My God.

Meanwhile, there are those I could name who have actually prayed that President Trump, another duly-elected president, would have a heart attack…and die. My God! (And that, my friend, is a prayer.)

What has come upon us, that we who name the name of Christ feel justified in cursing with our mouths and with our hearts those with whom we disagree? We are in very dangerous territory if we are harboring such darkness.

It’s one thing to disagree. Our founders made every provision for disagreement and differing opinions. But it is a dark and foul spirit that is sweeping across the land when we cannot disagree and maintain a core respect for other human souls, no matter which side of the aisle they are on.

“We need encouragement.”

If God prompts you to reach out to encourage an elected official (whoever that might be), then obey Him. If He prompts you to encourage your neighbor, obey Him there, too. For everyone needs encouragement. And all of us are standin’ in the need of prayer.

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