For men who’ve been hurt by women

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In some of my recent interactions with folks out and about in the world, I’ve been reminded again of something that troubles me greatly. And that is this–that women can cause a whole lot of damage.

Specifically, I am thinking of three different men who have shared deeply from their hearts. They’ve told me their stories, and with my own eyes, I have seen the aftermath. With my own ears, I have heard the devastation. With my own heart, I have sensed the pain that remains in the wake of abuse suffered at the hands of…women.

In fact, the word that keeps coming to me as I think on it is “brutalized.” Key female figures in all of their lives have actually brutalized them.

My God. (And that is a prayer.)

I think that abuse done by men, both passive and aggressive, has been well documented. I’ve heard it in a thousand ways in a thousand different forums. I’ve experienced it myself, and it has marked me. But the trauma inflicted by females has (to me, at least) been a lesser-known phenomenon.

Cruel, narcissistic men hurt people and create some hell. Cruel, narcissistic women do, too. It’s not either/or. It’s both/and.

To the men I know who’ve experienced devastation from women, I see you. I hear you. I hate that you’ve gone through this.

I cannot atone for the sins of my sisters, but I can offer you the hand of acceptance. I can acknowledge that we’ve gotten it wrong. I can tell you that for all the women in your life who have been brutal, there is a whole host of other women who are kind, gentle, caring, nurturing, respectful, and loving.

I hope that you will meet some. I pray that some will find you.

I pray, too, that you will turn to the One Who was brutalized on behalf of us all. May you find your rest in Him.

Oh, how we need the Lord.

For my brothers who have suffered so,

Rhonda in the World

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