Putting your eggs in one basket

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Yesterday while we were walking, I was picking the expansive brain of the venerable Mr. Schrock. I’d posed a question to him about men who marry women that have suffered abuse and trauma and the subsequent work that it takes for them both.

The question was along the lines of, “When a man helps a woman walk through that particular hell, is such a man less likely to be tempted and drawn away by another woman?” Meaning, is the bond between them extra strong, extra secure after such an intimate, excruciating journey?

Being a fellow with no need to use sixty-dollar words when smaller ones suffice, this is what he said (and I knew he was speaking from the heart), “I’ve put all my eggs in one basket.”

While he couldn’t speak for all other husbands of hurting wives, he could–and did–speak for himself. “I’ve put all my eggs in one basket.”

If you are fighting for the health of your spouse and your marriage right now, this is a worthy commitment to make–to put all of your eggs in one basket. When commitment falters, the strength and will for the battle do, too.

For the ones who are living this right now, I’ve asked God to strengthen your resolve and to re-fresh your courage. Stay the course.

With affection from a sister *basket case,*


P. S. – If you have fought such a battle and lost it, then “grace” is your word, some for you to give, and some for you to receive. Sometimes, I know, the eggs fall, and they break, and you can’t unscramble the omelet. Again, grace.

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