You’re not a failure, you’re brave

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You came to my mind today. You’ve been looking at the hard places in your heart and your story, and you’re feeling weak, deficient, defeated. You well know your limitations, and you’ve worked relentlessly to understand why they’re there and what you need to do. You’re tired and discouraged, and the word that seems the truest about you has seven letters.


Listen to me now. Looking at you, I see bravery. The fact that you haven’t turned your face away and haven’t averted your gaze? Tells me that you’re a bad a**. That you’re willing to wade through hell itself to get better, to get free, and that makes me feel so proud.

Someone told me once that most people will not endure the pain you must go through to find healing, and when she said it, I believed her. I still do. It’s why so many people choose denial. It feels like a feather bed, a warm robe, a pair of bunny slippers. But really, it’s only a prison. The handcuffs are velvet-ized, that’s all, and they’ll keep you imprisoned forever. Until you decide–well, you know. To do what you’re doing right now.

So mainly I want to say this. “You’re crazy brave, you’re a standout, and I’m amazed at your courage.”

Oh, and this, too. “Remember, you’re going *through* this. You aren’t here to stay. You’re going through. So keep going.”

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